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At first glance, American brides do not like the silent touchy. Any girl gladly tell you how to get to the desired destination, be happy to advise you where to go to a cafe or on a trip - until he learns that the man with her flirting. From the perspective of European, American brides are very manly and independent. They almost never flirt, do not let in the course of her womanly charms and not capricious. Practically not show his feelings. In very little guile, pretense, and the very mystery that is so drawn to the woman. Naturally, an American, too, is a purely feminine lotions, but they use them only for the home, family, very close and closed circle, and the public behave very strict and restrained.  
Generally, meet on the street with an American it is very difficult, and cause a woman's interest in it can not every Russian masher. Of course, theoretically, can seduce every girl, but in the U.S. you it will take at least several months of painstaking courtship, so the novel while on vacation or business trip will not work. American brides almost never change! Most couples carefully monitoring the observance of their marriage vows. Therefore, if a man still in love and be able to achieve the American brides, their family unit will be strong and for life! As more and more brides enroll in universities and build their careers, becoming a common feature that they are in no hurry to create a family. On average, the average age of women at first marriage - 25.3 years. The average age for men - 26.9. Approximately 50% of marriages in the United States end divorce. Average American family has 2 children, but increasingly there families with 3 or more children. Many families in the suburbs to live in their own homes. Accommodation in apartments distributed in the cities. Individual features. Many observers note that the Americans put individual values above the public. Indeed, it is - the truth: many Americans enjoy the privacy and, at times, prefer to stay alone, than to be in company with someone. Leave people alone and do not ask many personal questions - a sign of respect in American culture. Also, ambition is considered normal and even desirable. It is valued individual success. And many people say that Polish brides 
are rather similar with American. Try to compare then yourself. Good Luck!




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