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Asian bride


Oriental Princess of children's fairy tales - these words at once awakened in the mind the image of a lot of pretty girls in bright, glittering costumes. What are they, Asian bride? What it is, the bride's dress in the East? The thing in which converge all the traditions of the peoples of Asia - the modesty of Asian brides. Therefore, the entire wedding ceremony, she sat, with his eyes, and her head covered with a veil, or veil, embroidered with gold or silver patterns. It has protected the brides from the envious glances and indiscreet. And only the most desperate Asian bride can afford a glimpse of the visitors, immediately covering her eyes in embarrassment. And in many Asian countries, the bride during the wedding ceremony goes to the guests and welcomed their bows, holding his fingers a veil. And those bows was destined to meet all guests in the new house for forty days - a problem that requires humility, friendliness and good physical preparation. What color dress for Asian brides. Red - out of competition! Wedding Dress in India can not be a different color, and even in China, red symbolizes love and joy. Turkey beautiful wedding dress - red dress, red robe and red trousers. And even the patterns on the hands, which are painted with henna, also in red! However, white has gained confidence of position. In the East, weddings are held at the beginning of a bride, then the bridegroom. This means that the lovely Asian bride get a chance to demonstrate some dresses, one after another, repeatedly hitting the guests. And let one of them would necessarily be traditional, but the following will be the enchanting spectacle of white. Any fabulous wedding dresses did not play all the colors without decorations, and the East fiancee just littered with them. Bride's hands are full of rings, bracelets in several rows or pairs, necklaces, earrings, fine work, precious amulets, defenders - all this is supposed to wear to a wedding in large quantities. The principle is: the more jewelry the better. Ornaments talk about the status, well-being of the family of the bride. A relative of the bride jewelry flashes during a wedding ceremony - this is another tradition which is rich in the East. Best dress of the bride - the exultation of happiness, wrapped up a cloud of it. Best decoration - tenderness and love, shining in her eyes. And yet, the bride is beautiful always, anywhere in the world. And of course African brides is also very beautiful.




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