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Brazilian brides


When Brazilian brides dance, it seems that every inch of her nimble body. Volan short skirt fly away, revealing the slim hips. Luxury heavy shock of hair falling on his shoulders. Graceful panther charms: eye, smile and motion. Brown body radiates energy from the sun and sensual beauty. It is more than words. It says it all. Every tenth inhabitant of the world thinks that the Brazilian Brides - the most sexy girls on earth. If you want to check it - visit Brazil. Do not forget to put yourself in this order and in which case the Brazilian prove that you are much sexier them. But how Brazilian Brides need to look like? The embodiment of sensuality, seduction and femininity! An elegant dress of lace, organza and silk recalls the sumptuous feasts at Versailles. Beautiful model with a spectacular lush skirt as if specially designed for young coquettes. Lower skirt, made of more dense material keeps the shape well and creates a silhouette of the dress. The upper skirt of organza beautifully draped. Spectacular folds visually supported by the small bunch of golden-pink color. This dress looks playful and sexy. Very nice, a little unusual, but it looks tempting stomacher of white lace - a highlight of wedding images. Brazilian not hesitate to sunbathe on the beach naked and dancing in the carnival without swimsuits. "What's nice, then do not hide" - they say. But the modern image of the real Brazilian brides are different from the TV-image of a courtesan and seductress. Brazilian amorous and dreamy. They live in heart, and, perhaps, no nation in the world women do not have the ability to both enjoy life and sincerely express emotions as they are. If this woman loved a man, she can leave him on the edge of the world on the first day of our acquaintance, if not - is senseless to seek her love, so decided to her heart. Brazilian not hesitate to sunbathe on the beach naked and dancing in the carnival without swimsuits. They dream to meet a real man: strong, kind, beautiful. Many Latin American brides whole life waiting for Prince Charming. And some seriously dreaming about it, is passed by this. Brazilian - caring wife and good mother, which is also bad fit with their image in Europe. They were very kind to the men, but often do not meet the reciprocity. In 2008, Brazil is considered a legitimate domestic violence. Known episode in which a man shot his wife, finding her with her lover, and was acquitted by the court. The Tribunal considered this incident as a "protection of honor" spouse! 




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