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You want to get marry a girl from other country, but do you know that every country has it’s own wedding traditions, and all the brides are different? No? we’ll tell you!!! Every nation at all times had its own wedding traditions. Some of them have survived to this day, and some have migrated to other countries and were adopted by other nations. So, if all weddings are the same?  In America, in England brides watches that would be her wedding day was something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.  In Germany, the wedding day grooms put in his pocket a little grain, which they belief will bring wealth and good fortune. In bed Honeymoon in Greece must first run the children in order to ensure the young couple to healthy offspring. Also in Greece on clothes with friends and girlfriends to be pictured young eyes, which will protect the young couple of setbacks. Seeing a marriage procession in Hungary, all the cars on the street begin to beep, thus, welcoming and congratulating the bride and groom. In India, after the marriage ceremony is one of the male family members showered the bride and groom flower petals. This ritual symbolizes the protection of young from evil forces.  From China, we received a tradition where the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony, they drink wine from goblets of red tape.  In France, the couple followed the old tradition and drink for the happiness of a large bowl with two handles. Black Americans, leaving the church, for good luck jumping over a broom, as did their ancestors, when they were banned marriages between African-Americans in the days of slavery. Many European countries have a compulsory subject at the wedding ceremony is over silver tray, which want to dance with the bride and the guests put money.  
Russian brides have long been caught on the western ritual of throwing the bouquet. Leaving the wedding, brides throws her bouquet over her back. The girl, who were lucky enough to catch him during the year to marry. Have you already choose from all this? But all brides are beautiful, no matter on their nationality. And you have a great opportunity to meet them, on many internet dating sites! Good Luck!




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