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Chinese brides


China is very densely populated country. A lot of people, and 3 quarters of the country - this is the desert and the swamp! Very severe economic and environmental conditions . The poverty and devastation in the province, even in big cities many poor. A lot of dirt and dirty people. People just eat everything that comes on the way! Chinese brides probably the world's best chefs with such economy!))) But it is very exotic culture, loyalty to tradition, fen shoo! China brides often use it in marriage! Any signs of it, statues of gods, animals, incense, incense sticks! Bells to attract luck, love, harmony in marriage! Chinese brides are good judges in all of this! China brides were at the wedding in a red dress, not white like the others! After the wedding, hang pictures of flowers in the bedroom, put statues of the goddess of the moon, hanging red paper lanterns! Chinese brides believe that it brings happiness into the house and faithful husband until death! This culture is very difficult to understand! Their swimming pools with fish that clean the skin, houses for figurines, miniature palaces, exotic cuisine, which is famous all over the world! In Western countries, in Europe, America, Asia, Chinese kitchen is everywhere! "This is a very popular and everyone likes it! We find it hard to understand, we do not know their culture, Their husbands are very demanding, Chinese brides are very obedient, is a feature of all women of the East. They may even bow to her husband to wash his feet . Those who have never been to China, can not understand this. It is surprising that China shares borders with states that are absolutely, radically different culture, perceptions of the world, human behavior. In neighboring Russia not so long ago. Women have become quite independent, in China, women are dependent on her husband and his views. Although very hardy and are very much. This is a common feature of all Japanese brides. Invariably.




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