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European brides


Want European Bride? So here are 10 features.1. European brides really look at life. And secure this life at the desired level independently. Almost none of them do not live with illusions that they will certainly meet "Rich", which will solve all their problems of everyday life. Even in marriage to a wealthy man, they are considered equal partners, because in anticipation of his not sitting idly by and developed in a professional and personal sense. 2. European brides, as a rule, never jump from the paternal house to her husband. They must get their property, and prefer to keep it for themselves, even when she married. Who knows how they fold there ... 3. In marriage, by the way, in Europe no one is (the average age of marriage for women in the European Union - 26-28 years old). And why? Judge for yourself if the girl is self-sufficient and financially independent, she does not need a man as a magic wand. It can be thoroughly and properly choose the person with whom it will be really good. 4. In the 18-20 years in Europe, giving birth only Asians and Latinos (they are not deleting the first manifestation of racism, regardless of habitat live in order to serve her husband and procreate healthy offspring). Others use the most active years for career and personal formation. 5. Although there really a European women's health (at least with the digestive system) - still a big question. During the lunch, and often at breakfast, they typically guzzle sandwiches dry. Every day! Even the Italian and French - Mamma Mia, mon Dieu! 6. But if you really took a professional brides, she does not feel complex about the fact that does not know how to cook three-course dinner or a tie socks. This is not her business. And for knitting and cooking are specially trained people. 7. Contrary to popular opinion very tiny percentage European brides subject diet. Some men like skinny, some - the girls in the body. But without exception, men want to meet girls that are in harmony with himself, happy with their body and in the restaurant eating with gusto. 8. The independence of the European women even extends to issues such as buying a drink at the bar. For example, girls playing in a nightclub can take drinks from guys, but the next portion will pay for themselves and the girls themselves, and guys. By the way, their men used to it, and do not be surprised if the company of three men three times to pay for your cocktail, and the fourth one of them will say: "Your turn, dear." 10. However, according to many familiar European men, their women wear "such awful clothes", even in principle, pretty girls turn into something shapeless, sexless, ugly. 11. You will not believe, but to raise prices in the EU were also positive sides! Smoking has become so expensive that many women, as rational beings, have abandoned this harmful habit. P.S. And the rest of European brides are not much different from others. Likewise, they look big and bright love, just not finding it, frustrated and just love to gather with friends to discuss all the hardships of women's share.




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