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Japanese brides


Japanese women in the thirty years - look at eighteen and at forty years – look as twenty-five years old girls. Japanese women do not do lifting and do not go to shaping or aerobics. Japanese brides do not know the word "diet" and "gym". Japanese women cook with pleasure and enjoy meals, without counting calories. Japan became the country of immortal women. According to the Associated Press in 2004 year, Japanese women set a new world record for life expectancy, the nineteenth consecutive year of holding a first place. The Economist recently declared that the life expectancy of Japanese women and Japanese in the past ten years is the largest in the world and continues to grow. The Japanese not only live longer than all but also suffer the least in the world, statistically, they are the healthiest nation on the planet. So we may say that Japanese brides are good variant for life together, children be healthy and cute, even original, if father is from West.  From brides all over the world Japanese are healthier, walk through Tokyo or any other city in Japan. You immediately struck by the fact that the Japanese are very good looking. There are also the lowest indicators of heart attacks, breast cancer and prostate cancer. But speaking at a surface of the topic, for the most part they seem to average at least ten years younger. They look alive; have glowing healthy skin and shiny hair. A few words about Chinese girls. First, they do not like to sunbathe. On the beach, many Chinese women walked under umbrellas against the sun - white skin is considered very fashionable in China. The figures in almost all Chinese women, regardless of age, slender – they also eat more healthy food and not much. Almost all the Chinese girls are very small, but in most they are very, very charming, despite the slanted eyes. By the way, some Europeans, fed up with feminists and always busy business women, marry Asian brides




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