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Polish brides


Take a stack of 3x4 photos, which will be equally Polish and Russian brides, and then choose one third of them the pictures of the prettiest brides. I assure you, the vast majority of the selected girls would be Russian. But if among those most sympathetic girls choose 2 or 3 the best – it would be Polish girls. But if at some gala event you have an opportunity to observe the entire evening gathered Russian and Polish brides, and then choose the one you like - it will be Polish girl. The secret of the Polish girls, in my subjective opinion is that they can be charming. The girl, who in the photo looks a little nicer then crocodile, with direct communication with you will be able to present her, so that in your eyes, its flaws become dignity. I want to draw attention at that. First of all, on the ability to dress. Poles are always stylish: they never dressed mismatched clothes, no matter how fashionable they are. And even the simplest thing would be with such elegance that they envy mannequins. Next - make-up. Why our pretty girls always want war paint as Indians? Why even the girls from elementary school, breaking away from parents who consider it their duty, put make up? Our girls diligently paint their beauty themselves, and thus inspire myself that ugly. They carefully instill self-doubt, and this uncertainty is passed around. But the Polish brides practically do not use makeup, and if they do so, very quietly, only slightly retouches only what they need. So when you look at the Poles – you see the natural beauty, rather than artistic painting. And, finally, the manner of communication. It is common to all the Poles - girls and boys. They will say only nice things. Gift that you will bring they will admire the whole evening. But at the same time Polish girl would not allow herself any liberties against a stranger, and never put you into trouble. Brides from all over the world are very popular nowadays, Polish, as well as Brazilian brides  have chance to marry a foreigner.




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