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Russian mail order brides


Do you know the history of Russian mail order brides? No? So,once traders amassed large profits, brought from overseas colonies in the metropolis of exotic products: spices, tea, coconuts. Today, their heirs enterprising do business in other exotic goods delivered from Russia - brides. "Russia women - best-seller in the western market. They are valued primarily for submission. Therefore, the specialized agencies involved in the recruitment of brides in USSR ", - writes the Russian correspondent of the newspaper. And this agencies now are called Russian mail order brides. Of course, naive to think that Russian women are loaded on planes and ships and parties sent to England or Germany, where it is then sold in supermarkets. Not at all. In Western Europe, there are many marriage agencies secretaries, interpreters, computers, photo library. In England, according to the magazine "The Observer", they are more than two dozen. In Germany there are more than 60 major traffickers connected with Russian mail order brides, "but only has about 200 companies supplying Russian brides through Internet dating. The very same trade is conducted through fliers and newspaper ads that sound very tempting for the weary of household insecurity bachelor: "there is very little amount of six thousand francs to guarantee you a young bride who is hard working, undemanding, obedient and caring." "Young, beautiful, unspoiled dark girl wishes to marry a European. In a tropical paradise, you can choose a bride for every taste. Call us at any time. "We guarantee a happy marriage, regardless of age and appearance of her husband, as well as his physical and emotional deficiencies, since it does not matter for our brides", - assured of potential suitors is one of the agencies that set the way that the difference in the average age of newlyweds is ... 30 years! What attracted Russian women married to Europeans through Russian mail order brides? Why did they go to a big risk: not having any idea about the man, who will become their husband, leaving in an unknown country without knowing the language or customs? Men signed contracts with marriage agencies, showed that the main reason for this desire - hope in the future to help his family, sending money home. Two-thirds of the population in the USSR lives in poverty. West in their view - is paradise. Often girls, flown in from Russia, with the first minutes of waiting for bitter disappointment when it turns out that the selected directory on their spouse does not moneybags, as an ordinary worker, living in some gloomy factory suburb. Of course, some luck. Husbands give them a life free of poverty, and they find happiness in the family hearth, giving birth and nurturing of children. But this is more the exception than the rule. "Most of these women - not ready for that wretched fate that awaits them. Purchased through a marriage agency wives are completely dependent on their husbands. They have nowhere else to turn for help because they do not know the language, and passports are kept by their husbands. Their destiny - implicitly perform all the household work, as well as any vagaries and whims of the wife-master. With imported wives are treated as a real commodity. They buy, sell. The client can return something was not satisfied with the living "goods" or exchange it. So be careful!!! And take care of your life!!!Good luck in your search!!!




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